Tuesday, January 16, 2007

So Much Has Happened...

Well it has been so many months since my last post. This was, at first, due to laziness/busy-ness, but later was due to attending to the matter of the illness and death of a close family friend.

In October, a very close friend of my husband's for over 20+ years, fell seriously ill and landed in the hospital. After a month of ups and downs, living life on a respirator, and ultimately, a feeding tube, our friend opted to disconnect his respirator after contracting a systemic infection due to a bowel perforation. He made this decision with the full awareness of the consequences -- death.

He passed away on November 15, 2006. My husband and I were there, gratefully at his side holding his hand and stroking his hair as he passed on to the next life.

This friend was no ordinary fellow -- he was a priest in the Catholic Church. Say a prayer for the soul of Fr. Marvin Kopff.