Saturday, February 23, 2008

Bottomless Well

In this morning's homily, my pastor asserted that God's love is like a bottomless well. No matter how many times we go back to draw from the well, it never goes dry -- God's love is infinite and always available. Even when -- especially when -- we experience a dry spell, an inexhaustible life-giving wellspring is there to refresh us, sustain us, and give us life here and in the hereafter.

Assuring us that God's love and forgiveness are always available to us, today's reading from Micah vividly describes a God who is like a loving parent who can't stay irritated at his children for long:
Who is there like you, the God who removes guilt and pardons sin for the remnant of his inheritance; Who does not persist in anger forever, but delights rather in clemency, And will again have compassion on us, treading underfoot our guilt?
Micah 7.18-19a

I especially love the imagery that God is "treading underfoot our guilt". Certainly there are times I feel heavily burdened by my sins, but my sins are so insignificant to God and his love for me so vast, he conquers them as easily as if he were taking a stroll in a garden.

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