Friday, March 14, 2008

Things to Come

Today's readings are foreshadowing things to come. People are very near to stoning Jesus to death because he is doing things they do not understand, and he has made them afraid. Jesus escapes; where does he go? He returns to the place "where John first baptized" (Jn 10:40) and an amazing thing happens there -- people begin to believe (Jn 10:42). Once Jesus returns to the source of new life -- baptism -- people begin to see more clearly, become calmer, and understand God's works.

This Gospel story reminds us that we should also return to our baptism -- it is our source of eternal life and refreshment.


Bobber said...

Great thoughts. Here's a bit of a Protestant take on baptism which you might find interesting.

Beth said...

Good info -- thanks Bobber.