Friday, June 13, 2008

My Pastor, My Friend

This weekend is the last time Fr. Chuck Barthel will say Mass at my parish as pastor. He's a wonderful priest and lovely person in so many ways. Our parish has become very attached to him and we will miss him.

Fr. Chuck was pastor when I converted to Catholicism. Not only was he presider at that Mass on Easter Vigil 2006, but he is also my first and only pastor ever! So, it will be a new experience for me to adapt to a new pastor.

Fr. Chuck has many qualities that one would hope for in a priest: compassion, dedication, commitment, passion for his ministry, deep care for his flock, kindness, and holiness. In addition, he is one of the most meticulous people I know, which shows in his attention to detail during liturgical celebrations.
From Easter Mass 2008

Fr. Chuck, good luck at your new parish. Dominus tecum!

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