Saturday, July 19, 2008

Tour de Donut Results Are In!

Yahoo!!! I stayed in the top 10 this year, even with the new and improved categorizations.

In previous years, the men and women were divided into Men/Women Over 50 and Men/Women Under 50. So this year, I was categorized with women under 40, as opposed to last year, where I just fell into the broader Women Under 50 category. That means I had a narrower and younger field against which to compete this year, and I still managed to make it into the top 10. My time was actually a couple minutes slower than last year (I was 1:38:14 in 2007), but I am still glad I made it to number 9 again this year with a time of 1:41:26 in a field of 156.

I'll have to find a team to hook up with next year and see what I can do with some help drafting. I am sure I could easily shave 10 minutes off that time if I were drafting.

Hubby finished well also. He fell into the Men 40 - 50 category at number 38 in a field of 149. His time was 1:46:06.

By the way, the best donut-adjusted time went to a guy who ate 33 donuts. His donut-adjusted time was -0:25:06. All the results are here.

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