Thursday, January 24, 2008

Cycling Jersey Insanity

For people who have considered cycling, but just haven't made the leap into the sport yet, I am sure at least some of the hesitation must be due the hideousness of most cycling jerseys.

This one tops them all.

Yes, it's just what I always wanted, a cycling jersey that looks like I am wearing a wedding gown. My favorite detail on this stunning number is the peek at the bride's butt hat. Classy.

Of course, there's the male equivalent--a tuxedo cycling jersey:

Potential cyclists, let not these tacky togs deter you!


Bobber said...

Oh sheesh. Now I am wondering if Cipo will show up in one of these if he actually does any races with the Rock racing team.

Beth said...

Could this have something to do with why you would say such a thing? ;)

Well he may be flamboyant, but I wouldn't kick him outta' the boudoir for wearing that tux jersey.

NDOpus said...

Beth - We are looking to find the wedding gown cycling jersey as a wedding gift for a friend. Where did you find it? Please contact me at



Jenny said...

I am getting married and we are trying to find the wedding dress jersey as well for our get away outfits. If you could email me @ if you know where to find one, it would be great! Thanks :)

margie said...

Could you possibly post the website where the tuxedo biking jersey and wedding dress biking jersey could be found.
Thanks a million!!

Mary said...

I'm looking for this bicycle wedding jersey too. We found the tuxedo for the groom. Where I can find the site to buy the bride jersey like this one?

phwang said...

Please tell me website, I'm looking for wedding cycling jersey.
thank you.
please mail to said...

The wedding jersey was produced for a short time period long ago. Primal Wear was the company that produced it and they have sold out of this jersey a long time ago. They make a lot of quirky jerseys and if you're interested in the Tuxedo (or The Ritz) jersey we have those here