Friday, January 11, 2008

Three Monkeys

Hubby and I just tried a relatively new (open just a couple of months) restaurant last Thursday called Three Monkeys.

We ordered the Romeo's Red Wings tossed in Jamaican BBQ sauce. Having had some exposure to West Indian and Jamaican food -- maybe a little more than the average St. Louisan -- I had a hard time discerning what about these wings made them "Jamaican BBQ" style, but it didn't matter that much to me since they were pretty darned tasty. I also ordered a bowl of their chili, which, according to their menu has beer and tequila in it. If it does, I couldn't taste it or, if I did taste it, it didn't seem to add much to the flavor. The menu also says it is served piping hot. On a cold January evening, I was looking forward to a steaming bowl of chili, but it was served just a little warmer than lukewarm. The final nail in the coffin on the chili selection was the consistency. I hate to say it, but it looked like the consistency of Alpo. Sorry -- it's the truth, though. So, if I were you, I would give the chili a miss.

However, 3mstl redeemed itself with its wood-fired pizza. Boy oh boy, was it good! We had the "Quick-Sand" variety, which is topped with sausage, pepperoni, bacon, and andouille sausage. And, at the risk of offending my native St. Louisan friends, thank God there was no icky provel cheese on it -- mozzarella is the only way to go!

Their interior is by far one of the most beautifully done bar/pub spaces I have ever seen. The details of the wavy glass in the doors is captivating, the woodwork is so warm and inviting, and even the bathrooms are stylish.

They have half-price pizza Tuesday through Friday from 3 - 6 PM, and drink specials during the same hours. I look forward to trying other menu items in the future.

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