Friday, May 30, 2008

Canticle of Mary

Tomorrow's Gospel reading from Luke (1:39-56) contains the Canticle of Mary, also known as the Magnificat. This is one of my favorite passages in the Gospels because the excitement, awe, and wonder that both Elizabeth and Mary are experiencing are so vividly communicated -- two mothers-to-be who know they were chosen by God in very unique and special ways. I love to imagine myself in Elizabeth's home when Mary arrives.

I have never personally known the experience of pregnancy and serve a tertiary role in the lives of my step-children, but due to a project I am working on for my parish, I happened to sit in on the tail end of a parish Moms group meeting last night. It was a beautiful experience to sit among these women who have given over much of their lives to motherhood -- the bond they share is deep and potent. They are at ease with each other and willing to share of themselves with one another; this capacity for giving of one's self is one of the most powerful strengths about women in general.

These moms are aware of their role as models of faith in their children's lives. They are trying hard to provide guidance to their children while also providing spiritual growth for themselves. Keep up the great work, ladies.

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