Friday, November 21, 2008

Weekend's Here!

Am glad it's the weekend! Our new patio is in and solid. I got a delivery of firewood today, and the step-kids and I are planning on having a little hot dog roast tomorrow evening.

Thanksgiving is almost here and I am looking forward to hosting my friends and family. I thank God for my employment and my husband's employment. We are very blessed and fortunate.

I'm also keeping in mind those who are in a less fortunate position, especially considering this really rough economy. Tomorrow the boy scouts come back for their Scouting for Food pickup. At church, we have a "giving tree," so I grabbed a leaf and picked up a couple off items for that. Sunday, there's an event called Cranksgiving that, weather permitting, I'll also participate in. It's organized by St. Louis BicycleWORKS. It's a food drive done by bicycle with the proceeds going to Food Outreach. I especially like this last event because it's a way to give back and get some much-needed exercise on my bike!

1 comment: said...

Praise to you for your generous hearts. Indeed there are lots of opportunities for charity work while at the same time being a bonding time for the blended-family.