Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Hardware Fun

Swapped out my USB-based wireless networking card for a PCI one today. Had some help though. Oreo is saying she can't quite figure it out:

So we called in the expert, Mischief. She's not afraid to get into her work:

Mischief also helped me decipher the tech. support person's accent.

Yes, for all you Harry Potter fans, that is a Hogwarts table I was using temporarily for my workbench.


Bobber said...

Awesome. Something about cats and hardware. They seem to go together although I don't have any. My kids are getting more and more computer literate though (which can be shocking at times).

Beth said...

Was a little worried about them giving my machine a static discharge, but they were too darned cute not to let them at least look at the computer.