Monday, April 07, 2008

Rolling, rolling, rolling!

At last, the weather is starting to act like Spring around here! Naturally, that means one thing -- cycling!

I put just under 75 miles on the bike in the last three days while the weather has been good. Pretty much the same route each day -- from home to the end of Grant's Trail and back. Muscles are tired -- tomorrow is a rest day since it looks like the weather's going to be rainy anyway. Definitely can tell I need to drop some pounds to help me get back into condition. I've been lazy and haven't worked out in about a month, so that doesn't help either!

Some news happening of late is that I am starting a new job a week from today. It just so happens that the new employer is only seven miles from home and they also have a workout facility with showers on site. I haven't seen the facility for myself yet, but I hear it is very nice. I am hoping to get myself organized enough to cycle-commute on a regular basis. Can't wait to check it out!

Of course the possibility of cycle-commuting leads me to my next thought -- shopping for a commuter bike! Thinking about something durable that can double as both commuter and touring bike -- something that is suitable for Katy Trail rides as well as the urban jungle -- so if any of my dear rider-readers have suggestions, please comment.

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