Monday, August 11, 2008

Kitty Needs a Home!!

A stray kitty showed up at our back door and he's a great boy -- loving, affectionate, trusting, and loyal. We named him Gus. Unfortunately, we have more than our quota of kitties and can't take him in.

He has grey fur with white paws, tail tip, and chest. He is neutered, was de-wormed and given rabies shots last week. I have the paperwork to show all the things I had done for him.

Gus would be ideal for a household with no other cats. The one drawback with Gus is he has FIV, which is why he would be better off in a single-cat household. The vet's office says he is about two years old. FIV, while incurable, is managed by keeping a close eye on your cat's health.

Give this great kitty a chance. Drop me an e-mail at addyforjunk[AT] if you have a home for him.

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