Saturday, August 09, 2008

Under the weather

A little under the weather today, so I am letting myself rest from cycling.

Thursday night I did a 24 mile ride with some friends and it was raining for the first 10 miles, so that might have helped whatever bug I had get a foothold. Anyway, the ride was fun and it was worth it.

I picked up a saddle for the commuter bike that is like the one I have on my road bike. The saddle on my commuter bike is comfortable for about 15 miles, so I need something that I can use for longer distances, so I can use the commuter bike for touring.

Looking forward to the Tour of Missouri coming up next month. Very exciting event!

Even more exciting is I'm also very much looking forward to doing my first ever MS150. I decided to have a little bake sale every Monday in August at work to fundraise for the event. People at work have been really supportive of it. There are two different items from which to choose each Monday. Our next items are cheesecake brownies and banana crumb muffins. Should go over well!

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