Sunday, August 03, 2008

Weekend ride roundup

It was a great weekend for riding and cyclists in general. I had a great time participating in the first ever St. Louis World Naked Bike Ride (link is NSFW). No, I didn't go nude, but exposed as much as I was willing in public, which is to say, not much!

Especially when compared to other people:

One male rider was completely nude (there are pics of him in the album) except for a red hat, black socks, and black shoes. He had style, that's for sure.

It was a lot of fun and a creative way to protest oil dependency. Plus I just really love a nighttime group ride. Total mileage was around 22 by the time hubby and I rode from home, did the ride, and rode back home.

More photos are in the album. Many of the of the photos are NSFW . . .
From World Naked B...
After being out late Saturday night, it was rough hearing the alarm clock go off at 5 AM. I finally rolled out of bed, threw on the gear, and hit the road for what was going to be a 90-100 mile ride. Goal was to ride out to Chesterfield Valley to meet up with a group of fellow MS 150 riders, do a 31-40 mile training ride with the group, then ride back home. I got out to Clarkson on Baxter when I started to really worry about the gathering clouds in the distance. Around Wild Horse Creek Road I saw streak lightning. I was just looking for a spot to pull over and make a phone call when my team mate beat me to the punch.

So I turned around and was headed back on Baxter when it became obvious that I was not going to be able to outrun the storm. So, seeing the Monarch Fire Department fire station # 1 with its garage invitingly wide open, I ducked inside. The fragrance of a hot, homemade breakfast made its way temptingly from the kitchen into the garage. A couple of the firemen came into the garage a few minutes later and I let them know I was hanging there until the storm passed. They were very gracious and invited me to eat breakfast. I really would've loved to try their cooking, but I had 30 miles left to go on that ride and couldn't put anything substantial in my stomach. But I took them up on their offers to refill my water bottles and to hang out as long as I needed.

So, I hung out, watched the lightning and rain, then checked out one of the guys' new Harley, and chatted for a long time with a fireman named Shelby. I really enjoyed the conversation and really appreciated their hospitality and giving me a safe place to stay until I could get back on the road. Thanks, Monarch FD!


nakedbikeridestl said...

is there any way you could post the wnbr pictures on flickr? we're trying to compile all of them for all those who participated.

we've got a flickr group: SAINT LOUIS world naked bike ride. i think the website is


nakedbikeridestl said...

oops: it's my bad.