Friday, November 23, 2007

All Around Town

Busy day. Went to Mass this morning. Good peaceful way to start the day.

Came home, got the hubby and we headed out for just a little Black Friday shopping. Went to Best Buy and JC Penney and that was it. Got my step-daughter's gift done, so I can check that one off the list.

After shopping, we took some goodies from yesterday's meal to a friend who had surgery earlier this month. Had lunch and visited with him for a bit. He started to look sleepy after a while, so we took our leave after about 2 hours so he could rest. Healing is hard work!

When we left our friend's, we saw this:
From Day After Tha...

I think this guy must receive his radio signals from deep space. Who needs an antenna that big? NASA?
From Day After Tha...

Continuing on our way home, I asked hubby to take me by the Macy's downtown so I could see the Christmas display windows. Saw a performance artist guy in front of Macy's who wanted $2 to take a pic. I only had a buck on me, so I told him and said I guess I can't take a pic. I turned around from him, and decided to sneak this pic of his reflection:
From Day After Tha...

About the same time, he said he'll take the buck. He did some weird thing where he tilted himself sort of sideways while making some kind of mechanical noise. Meh.
From Day After Tha...

Macy's windows were neat:
From Day After Tha...

Went home, dropped off the hubby and then I went to a jeweler to get three of his watches' batteries replaced. I also checked out the jewelry for myself there while I was at it. Gotta' come up with something to ask for this Christmas, after all. ;) Saw some beautiful things there.

Stopped downtown on the way back to go to another jeweler just to look at some things there, too. Afterwards, I took a walk and snapped some pics of downtown with the Christmas lights up.
From Day After Tha...

Was fun to do a little sightseeing in my own town. Also seeing the Christmas lights help me get into the holiday mood.

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