Friday, November 02, 2007

All Souls Day

My Archdiocese recently unveiled a new version of its web site.

Overall, I think it's better than the prior version. It tries really really hard to put a much friendlier face on our Archbishop, who has gotten himself into hot water with the media on more than one occasion (Here, here, and here.) since he has taken the helm here in St. Louis. If nothing else, it should be obvious that the Archbishop is a principled man, whether you agree with his principles or not.

Person to person, I have had good experiences with Archbishop Burke. I met and have spoken with him several times in the last year and a half. When a very close priest friend was unexpectedly near death, he came to the hospital ER to personally administer last rites to him. I was very impressed that he went out of his way to minister to our friend and the gentleness and seeming sincerity with which he administered the rite.

My friend is top of mind lately because this month marks the one year anniversary of his death. He died far too young. He was one of the most lovable people I have known, had a good sense of humor, and fantastic taste. Say a prayer for Fr. Marvin on today, All Souls Day.

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Diogenes said...

"I was very impressed that he went out of his way to minister to our friend..."
Well, seeing as how he was your friend's boss, I wouldn't think it should have been out of the ordinary, but simply SOP.
I do not to imply a lack of caring on his part, but that it was just the correct procedure.
Hopefully, he may come around to caring about the Archdiocesan elementary teachers...