Thursday, November 22, 2007


What a nice Thanksgiving today. Started the day with Mass, which always puts me in a good mood -- or, on some days when things aren't going so well, at least it puts me in a better mood! Hosted the big shin-dig here at the house -- a couple of friends, my hubby's five sibs, their respective wives/significant others, and their children joined. A little smaller crowd than usual this year, but still a good crowd of about 20 people here.

Feeling pretty grateful that we have a nice size home where we can entertain a big crowd, as well as thankful for the means to be able to do that.

Winner dessert of the day was a pecan chocolate chip pie. That's a keeper.

Not sure we'll be doing much of that Black Friday shopping tomorrow. Just didn't see much that was compelling. We'll probably be pretty low-key this Christmas with just a few presents for my husband's kids, a couple of things for some select friends, and an exchange between me and the hubby. I'm trying to move to a less consumerist lifestyle in general, so this is in line with that effort.

Instead, we'll be bringing lunch to a friend who is homebound right now due to recent surgery. Might get in some pickup games of volleyball tomorrow night also.

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