Sunday, November 04, 2007

Mmmm, donuts!

I do love me some donuts now and then. I also love to cycle. An online acquaintance said he was putting together a ride that would tour five south St. Louis city donuts shops today. Oh yeah, I'm in!!

I lit out from home near Carondelet Park, north on Grand, east on Forest Park Parkway, north on Euclid, east on Lindell, north on DeBaliviere to our meeting place at Forest Park Parkway and DeBaliviere MetroLink station. One of the riders was coming from IL, so he was arriving via the MetroLink. Roger is a stalwart cycling supporter and is very instrumental in supporting cycling in the metro-east area. Once Thomas and Arlene arrived, we rolled!

We did a partial loop around Forest Park's trail system, ultimately ending up near the police horse stables, where we used an underground tunnel to pass underneath I-64 (or 40, as most people call it). Avoiding the fast Kingshighway traffic, we traveled through the Hill's quiet streets, winding through the neighborhood until we got onto Shaw, crossed Kingshighway there, and not long after that, we found ourselves in front of World's Fair Donuts (1904 S. Vandeventer). It was about 6.3 miles of pedaling from the MetroLink stop to arrive at our first donut destination.
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I was fascinated watching the man who was producing donuts. He expertly cut them from the dough, and flipped them onto his thumb in what could be described as a miniature version of a ring toss game. He was fast and efficient. He said those donuts would be ready in 15 minutes. Fresh!!
From Donut Cycling...

Arlene was thoroughly enjoying her donut; you couldn't have stolen that grin from her face!
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Leaving World's Fair donuts, we passed the Botanical Gardens and eventually made our way to one of my favorite shops, Eddie's Southtown Donuts (4701 S. Kingshighway). His donuts are light as air and melt in your mouth! He remembered seeing me in when I had a sling on my shoulder earlier this year (due to an off-road cycling mishap), so he seemed glad to see that I was back on the bike and that I brought friends!
From Donut Cycling...

After Eddie's, we headed to Hampton Avenue with the intent to go to St. Louis Hills Donut shop (6917 Hampton Ave.). Unfortunately, even though the shop's posted hours are 5 AM - Noon, and we were there about 11:52 AM, their shop was closed. Oh well, their loss!

At this point, since I was so close to home, I broke off from the ride and headed to my parish. The other three riders in the group were going on to the Donut Drive-In (6525 Chippewa near Watson) and then to O'fashion Donuts (5120 Southwest), then back to the Forest Park MetroLink station.

Conveniently enough to the purpose of my ride today, my parish was having its monthly "donut Sunday", so I popped into the parish hall to chat with some folks. I managed to stuff a jelly donut from the parish inside a bag with 2 donut holes from Eddie's, then stuff that into one of my jersey pockets without squishing any of the jelly out. I deserve some kind of award for that.

After I got home, I threw on the cozy robe and plopped down at the 'puter with the donuts, a hot steaming drink, and a cuddly cat.
From Donut Cycling...

Ah, sweet reward!

Check out more pics of the trip in this slideshow:

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Roger said...

I've been called many a name, but I think this is the first time I've been called a stalwart!

It definitely beats being called an upstart!

Thanks for the kind words.