Saturday, November 24, 2007


OK yes I admit, I am in the Information Technology industry, but I had to call the Geek Squad to help me get my wireless network running.
From Geek Squad

Let that be a lesson to all the people who seek free computer advice from me or other IT people -- we don't know everything there is to know about every piece of hardware and software that exists. It's like asking asking an orthopedic surgeon about your heart condition -- sure, the surgeon likely knows of the heart condition, but isn't practiced at treating it, and you would be better served to seek out a cardiologist to help you.

Turns out the network issues were not completely due to my hardware ineptitude -- the router I had purchased has known issues (though they were unknown to me), so we replaced it with one I picked up yesterday when hubby and I were at Best Buy. Turns out the same Geek Squad guy I saw at the store yesterday in the computer area is the one who came to our house today to help us. Very professional guy and 2 hours later, I had 2 desktops, 1 laptop, and two printers networked.

Anyway, hubby was pretty happy that the wireless network is running:
From Geek Squad

Then all the excitement wore him out.
From Geek Squad


James said...

Love your website Beth. Nice work! James

Beth said...

Thanks James. Tell your friends. :)